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Our Core Values

at Gio's



Our mission is to serve wholesome pizza that our customers can feel good about. We will only serve ingredients that will nourish the body and enrich the lives who eat it. We look to buy American products and serve American pizza. We strive to recreate the food of generations past; before the food colorings, chemicals, shelf stabilizers, and bleach were added to artificially preserve. We will always source properly and prepare our products simply because serving the public is an honor we take seriously. 

Products Promise

Oils we use :  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% Olive Oil, and Canola Oil in our fryers (we dont stock blended oils of any kind ex. soybean, corn, etc).

Flours we use: Always unbleached, unbromated and long leavened for proper gut absorbtion.

Tomatoes we use: Always american grown.

Cheese we use: Come from american cows.

Sweet sources used: Always low-glycemic natural foods like garlic or onion. (we never add sugar to our food unless its pizza fritta :) 

Produce we source: Always locally (except when out of season)

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